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HOLY GROUND Current Issue – Vol. 24, No. 3 Make Room ( Sixth in Series on Contemplation)

Some quotes from this issue:

"The barren sweep of space and thin air both terrified him and claimed him as their own. He felt he could live there forever.

For many people spaciousness arrives as prayer deepens and matures. As persons begin to be less self- absorbed and focused on individual needs, they turn more and more outward beyond the self, where they are met with the wide open spaces of the Eternal One. 

Yet there is a Holiness housing shortage in many places. Pushed to the margins of our lives, ghettoized in some churches, crammed into “safety deposit boxes” for a rainy day, Holiness suffers in urban blight and rural decay.

...Here are three suggestions for ending the Holiness housing shortage in your inner life". 

Loretta F. Ross

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