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I remember how excited my father was when the Revised Standard Version of the Bible came out in 1952. I was seven years old. Discovering that the King James Version had mistaken translations in it was a wondrous revelation to my history loving father. The study and research of archeologists, linguists, and Biblical scholars made available in a revised version of the Bible was important news at my house. 

This issue of Holy Ground in our series on Contemplation examines contemplative prayer as a spiritual practice or discipline. The spiritual practices of my parents are far removed from the experience of many people today. Our fast paced, must-have- it-now culture offers little space or time for recognizing and nurturing our need for God.

What inspires and draws one to a spiritual practice is desire, the flickering light in your heart seeking something which may be hard to name. Desire may be felt as a longing, dissatisfaction, a deep ache, or sadness. Something within you signals, or tugs you toward, as St. John of the Cross put it, I know not what.


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